Meet Joseph

Hope To Peace, is a rapper originating from Brisbane. Making music about the struggle with love and self-acceptance that are some of the biggest issues that he deals with in life. He’s all about trying to let people know that they aren’t alone with what they’re going through, as he always found it comforting to know that someone else was sharing his pain.

Ever since 2020, Hope To Peace has launched his own diverse clothing line, housing over 26 different hoodies, beanies, bags, shirts and more. Not long after, Hope To Peace became a registered business and started to make a stand in the world.

As exciting as all of this is, it got better. An up and coming blog/publishing agency named Hipland.co wrote an article about Hope To Peace and his latest single Love Myself. They went through a detailed Q & A and got to know the personal side of who he was behind the screens.

Our Warehouse

We have multiple warehouses all across the globe. Toronto (Canada), Los Angeles and Charlotte (USA), Barcelona (Spain), and Riga (Latvia). Depending on where you order from and where we have products stocked, this is how we calculate your shipment waiting time.

Hope To Peace Music and Hope To Peace Apparel are in partnership with various white label printing, warehousing, and shipment companies. At Hope To Peace, we believe in a humane, fair, and ethically built work place. Which is why we only partner with well respected and professionally developed businesses.

All products that we make at Hope To Peace are made to order, there is no stock that is pre-made and kept on the sidelines. We do this to ensure that all of our products are at their peak point of quality, and are ready to be packed, shipped, and sent out to you as early as possible. This also reduces the risk of your order getting mixed with someone else’s shipment.

Our automated emailing system is fully synced with the technology inside our warehouses. So you’ll know when your order had been received, another one for when it’s made, and then a final one for after we ship it off to you.

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