This is really about wanting to try again with your ex. I always had a vision in my head where you could just forget about the past you have with someone and you just try again like it’s the first time you’ve met them. That’s the perspective that I’m writing from with this song, cause near the end of what we had together, I was trying to think of how we could save it, cause I had forgotten about caring for myself so I was willing to do anything to keep her around.

Hope To Peace

You always want to restart something, the moment it goes bad. Might not be that you aren’t strong enough to get through that bad phase, but it would just be that much easier to restart.

Sadly that isn’t possible, and that’s exactly what I’m about to talk about in this blog!

If you saw me, in the park and we let go of all our past, could we find out?

Hope To Peace - Could We Find Out

When i put all my self-worth and happiness into my ex, i forgot to leave some for myself…. so i never cared or gave any attention to my soul. To our surprise when things started to go south, i freaked out and was trying to find a way to keep us together. Cause what else would you do? you’re about to lose the only source of your happiness and you don’t know how to be happy without that person around. So yeah i tried to say “lets act like we just met, restart and work this out” no one in their right mind would want to do that cause we all know it’s not realistic. Soooo it failed.

Anyway, you can’t force your idea of success on to anyone, that’s the lesson.

Do you remember at the station, When you had conflict with your family? You got stressed out And I helped you sort it out, I helped you move about Throughout your stress, Even within our mess

Hope To Peace - Could We Find Out
This is where I’m talking about sacrifice and selflessness. It was a chaotic set up between her and I…. her family was in a dark spot, my family was the same, then to make it even better we had our own fights. All of this can happen to you, but if you’re willing enough to push the drama in your life to the side, to help someone else…. then you are a great person. It’s hard when pride is always on your shoulder cause you don’t wanna “Fold” and look weak for anyone sometimes. Though it’s not weak to put problems aside for someone else’s benefit, society just tells you otherwise.
I think the main message of this song is that you can think you miss someone, but in reality you actually don’t. You miss the memories of that person, that’s it. I’ll tell you now, if you were to get back with your ex… it would be good for a couple of months but after that the both of you will relapse to your old habits. No one wants to hear this advice but it’s true. Trying to mend something that broke you is like trying to pick up fire with your bare hands, it’s nothing but painful and toxic.

So please look after your self!
I hope you’s enjoyed this blog article! If you would like to listen to the single, you can also preview it below!!
– J
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