Here I go again, attacking myself. I have a lot of views about myself and who I think I look like to other people based on what they’ve heard about me and etc. I feel like a lot of mentally ill people are the same with this. People are going to say what they want about you, and there’s nothing you can do to stop that... so please, do whatever you want to do, do whatever makes you happy, do stuff people tell you not to! They’re gonna talk badly with whatever choice you go with. WHO CARES 🤍🕊

Hope To Peace

As with everyone, you get some days where you just want to shoot yourself in the head, or something….. cause things get to hard or your emotions peak. Some might call it attention seeking, but i get isolated, avoid a lot of people on purpose and still cry in my microphone about no one wanting to be my friend. THERE IS A REASON for this! Whenever i tell my friends about my plans, they usually spit out negative views and doubts and it gets justified by them saying “just looking out for you” and “you sure that’s the best idea?” when in reality, they are just small minded 9-5 money chasing degenerates. I would not be where i am today if i kept listening to my friends and other people’s opinions/views.

So 9/10 every time i meat someone, they usually end out like this… so I’ve simply just listened to my self and opinions from close friends that i think might be worth my time, AND HONESTLY I HAVE NEVER BEEN BETTER. An instant boost in my business and musics progression. So my advice? listen to yourself first, before you hear someone else’s opinion.

Therapy is temporary, I don’t wanna talk about me, I don’t wanna speak about the night that brought me closer to death, Every time I close my eyes I think about how it went

Hope To Peace - No One Knows Me

This is linking to my recent suicide attempt and how i was taking my first few steps with going to therapy again (first time didn’t work out). I first tried therapy during my relationship with my ex, but it seemed to make things worse because my mind was so stuck in the wrong mental state. So i was having doubts about trying it again. Especially since i had a few “friends” hassling me about wanting to read my suicide note to see if they were in it, but i honestly didn’t want to talk about it with anyone since i now suffer PTSD with that and other issues.

Fast track forward though, talking about it with a professional has helped me heaps, I’ve been able to safely go through my memories when I’m writing music and record without breaking down as much (lollll), so i do recommend therapy… just when i was in that state of mind i was still kind of not so for it.

On my shoulder is my doubts, saying that I can’t make it, Beat another goal, then my anxiety will claim it

Hope To Peace - No One Knows Me

Even if i keep my ideas and thoughts to myself, my own mind will come around and cancel all my ideas anyway. It’s so stupid, you can come up with something that seems brilliant and then your thoughts will come around and list 10 million reasons why it wouldn’t work out, but for some reason when you do an exam it stays dormant LMAO. Anyone who suffers with the minimal mental illnesses will know what it’s like to go through this, you get to a point where you hardly speak at all and kind of just keep to yourself. I guess it’s because you are so used to your thoughts degrading you, that you think every one else will do the same thing at an instant. Not always true, but it happens.

I hope you’s enjoyed this blog article! If you would like to listen to the single, you can also preview it below!!
– J
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